Can my horse eat breakfast that day?
Yes! If feeding grain, please do this at least 2 hours before scheduled procedure. Your horse may have hay on the trailer coming in, but avoid sticky treats.

Should I bring hay?
We provide hay, but if your horse is particular, feel free to bring your own. Bring grain if your horse is going to stay overnight.

Will my horse come home the same day?
Most horses can get back on the trailer one hour after the procedure is finished.

Can my horse go home with a hay net in the trailer?
Wait until you get home to provide food and water.

Can I bring a trailer buddy for my horse?
Yes! We have two stalls and a fenced lot.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, we are dog friendly, and ask you keep it on a leash.

What facilities are available to me while I wait?
We have a comfortable waiting area with restroom and coffee supplies. In winter, we run the pellet stove to keep you toasty.

Is there a place to buy food nearby?
We have a collection of restaurant menus in the waiting area. The nearest food outlet is one mile from us (deli and grocery), and several good restaurants are in Granville, 7 miles south. You may unhitch your trailer and leave it here if you choose to leave.